BAKELITE HANDLES : Product No. and its usage

Bakelite handles and knobs are available in black and brown colours.
Special colour handles and knobs can be supplied in Urea, Melamine & DMC Material.
Also handles are available with Stainless Steel Flame Guards to protect handles form the flame.

101 : Pressure Cooker Body Handle 102 : Pressure Cooker Cover Handle (Lid Handle) 103 : Pressure Cooker Back Handle (Side Handle)
104 : Pressure Cooker Body Handle (Junior) 105 : Pressure Cooker Cover Handle (Lid Handle - Junior) 106 : Pressure Cooker Back Handle (Side Handle - Junior)
107 : Sauce Pan, Fry Pan, Deep Fry Pan Handle (Heavy) 108 : Sauce Pan, Fry Pan Handle (extra long) 109 : Sauce Pan Handle

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